Tuesday, November 10, 2009

How do they know?

In the fall and winter I put out a bird feeder. It's on my back patio and about ten feet from where I sit at my computer, working on web sites, writing, etc. My camera sits on my desk, always ready and that's how I've been able to get such great shots of the sparrows and finches.

When it is warm, Salvador, my twenty-three year old blind and almost deaf cat likes to sit right under the bird feeder. He soaks up the sun and is oblivious to the birds feeding just a couple feet over his head.

But what is amazing is that the birds seem to know that Salvador can't harm them. Sometimes they even fly down and take a close look at him, face to face. I've never been able to catch it with my camera until today. I was taking some photos of Salvador on the balcony (for the first time in a few days due to my cat-hating neighbor) and along came this male sparrow to check him out. I got two frames before he left and flew back up to the feeder.

Good thing he did. Right after these photos were taken, Salvador felt the air being disturbed by the air and became alert- either that or he smelled the bird, which is the only keen sense he has left.

But the bird didn't come back down, I guess satisfied that my cat was no threat and continued to feed.

The shots are a tad out of focus, and a bit grainy, but it was one of those quick events that gave me little time to react. Still, I think its a cool slice of life captured.

Only processing I did was to sharpen it a bit and work with the exposure to enhance and lighten the details in both Salvador and the bird.

I hope it happens tomorrow so I can get a better shot - one that is focus and lit better.

- Steve Douglass

This shot gives you a better idea of what Salvador sees.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Solar Sparrow