Thursday, August 20, 2009

4 Ever After

Here's a quick sample of a video I produced for a newly-married, Utah couple's parents as a special gift to be presented at heir reception.

Using photographs provided by the couple, i edited and animated it in IMovie.

It was just a small segment of a much longer and large DVD containing hundreds of photos of the bride and the groom as they were growing up. It took me about four days to produce it.

Everyone at the wedding reception just loved it. maybe you know someone getting married soon who might like a video like this?

If so contact me at the e-mail link above.

PS: The high-definition version looks, sounds and plays much better than this streaming web version.

-Steve Douglass

Let them eat cake ...

I'm just about to finish up THE CAKE FACTORY site.

It's been an fun (and delicious) project.

I got the gig through my niece, Kristen who is one of the cake decorators there.

Needless to say I've had my pick of delicious cakes, cookies and cupcakes (to photograph for the site) that also somehow ended up in my stomach.

If you are in the Amarillo area and need a custom wedding, birthday or specialty cake, or just have a sweet tooth (like me) and want a delicious cookie, cupcake or brownie, drop in and tell them Steve Douglass sent you.

Also, ask them for a tour while you are there. Watching them create edible works of art is not only fascinating but yummy as well.


Panhandle Skies: Wish me luck!

I just sent off a author's submission letter to the University of Texas Press for a book I hope I can find a publisher called Panhandle Skies.

As a certified ( some say certifiable) National Weather Service storm spotter I have been witness to some of the most incredible and breath-taking meteorological vistas that mother nature can conjure up.

My book consists over a hundred amazing images, all photographed over a span of the last five years.

From placid winter morning skies, to turbulent tornadoes, I've witnessed it all, and now you can too by downloading the prototype book I've posted HERE.

Keep in mind it is a work in progress and it is missing some text and a few more photos.

All images copyright: Steve Douglass

Welcome To My Blog!

Photo by Steve Douglass "self portrait with an inflow jet"

Create or stagnate - that's my philosophy. Welcome to my blog. Of all the twenty plus blogs I manage, this one is - well - my most recent.

All kidding aside, this is also my most personal.

I view this space as my drawing-board, test bed of sorts, where i will post photos, videos (and whatever strikes me) that may or may not inspire your creativity.

"Who are you?" you might be asking.

Here's me in a nutshell: LINK, but I describe myself as a website designer, photographer, writer, graphic artist, videographer and all over rabidly creative human creature.

I'm only really truly happy when I'm doing one of two things, either playing with my grandchildren, or being creative, be it writing a story, photographing and documenting this amazingly beautiful world and or experimenting in graphic and video arts.

On this blog you will find samples of my work as well as tips and tricks that you can use inn your own creative projects.

I'm just getting started so stay tuned!

-Steve Douglass