Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Magic Mountain in New Mexico

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(C) Steve Douglass

I'm up in Red River and it's "magic time" those precious few moments at sunset and sunrise when the light is just right. As I'm heading out of town- I'm speeding - because I catch glimpses through the trees of Baldy Mountain - frosted with snow and just beginning to catch the perfect light.

I'm almost to the viewpoint where I have pre-planned to take my photo when some deer decide to stand in the middle of the highway  and block my way.  I slow - then pul over to the right and take a few photos of them. They then move out up out of the road and onto a grassy hillside and graze. They seem tame - and don't seem to mind me taking some photos.

I glance to my left and I see clouds moving in over Baldy. It is getting to dark to shoot. I quickly throw my gear in the car and leave the deer behind - sorta mad at myself for letting them distract me.

A mile later - I arrive at the spot I picked out.  Looking at the mountain it's almost lost in the clouds that are moving in. It's also too dark to shoot handheld. The light is - ehh.

I then drag out my tripod, mount the camera, focus on the mountain and take a few shots. I tell myself maybe I'll be able to take a long exposure and pull the mountain out of the muck.  Twelve frames later - I'm not impressed and am getting cold. I'm seriously thinking about calling it a day - and then - just for a few seconds - the clouds light up.

I literally gasped. CLICK!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Northern New Mexico autumn beauty

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All photos (C) Steve Douglss