Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Serendipity and a horse in Colorado

It's early morning in South Fork Colorado. I see some deer - and what looks like a potentially great shot. Unfortunately they see me too and leap a fence into a rancher's field and high-tail it into a dark wooded area where I cannot follow. I'm disappointed that I missed the shot. Then something happens - as it seems to happen often with me - a "conspiracy of nature" takes place where God or whate
ver (for you non-believers) gently nudges me to look in the other direction. I turn - and there's this beautiful horse out for a early morning stroll. He's outlined in light and stands out starkly against the dark woods beyond. I raise my camera - dial in the appropriate exposure setting - focus and wait. The horse begins to move with a flip of his magnificent tail. CLICK!

(C) Steve Douglass